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Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Taking the time to create is important for our self care. Creating means different things to different people. Health experts often write about how craft is good for your health and well being. A recent article by Professor Luckman gives us a brief insight into this. That focus on repetition and improving on the art-form allows us to enter a "flow" state, an immersive state that...basically means you're in the zone.

This makes complete sense! When I'm at pottery class, on the wheel, I'm completely focused on keeping the clay in the centre and using the right weight on the clay to shape it into its form. Just so you know, my pieces aren't exactly Picasso material. It's functional with a touch of could say 'organic' or 'abstract'. Haha. What's important is, after class I feel super duper refreshed and energised. I love it. Pottery classes work for me, probably not so much for others.

For us, we find that we're in the "flow" state when we're...

  • Sketching and watercolour painting

  • Playing with clay

  • Gardening

  • Re-arranging the pantry! Ha! Extremely satisfying...

  • Playing the guitar

We'd love to hear from you. What do you love creating and find absolutely energising?

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