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Balancing mind, body and soul

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

At the end of a long day, I love nothing more than seeing my partner at the front door, followed by two excited doggos, and an impartial cat. It gets better when I can finally put on my PJ's and chill out.

Chill time with the doggos

Most of my career has been shift work, I made the switch to business hours so I could have a routine and get my health in check. I had run my body into the ground. An undiagnosed genetic condition that led to many injuries and chronic pain. I had a long road ahead of me, with some good people around me, I was ready. 

Meditating while soaking in a hot bath of salts

I had used meditation regularly in my life, typically at night trying to get to sleep after all those night shifts. So with a body that needs breaks I was glad to have somewhat mastered the pause. Although, it can be hard work getting my brain to stop. So many things I want and need to do, but without the energy and strength to do them. To combat the ease of distraction I would meditate while soaking in a hot bath of salts. The release for my body, but also my mind and a chance to reflect or maybe even day dream.

Recovery with pilates

Under the guidance of physiotherapy I started Pilates. Initially 1:1 session once a month for 30mins slowly progressed towards, my now, 1hr class every fortnight. The biggest challenge is doing the homework - the exercises at home. The internal battle is my brain vs body. Wanting to be able to do full sets of exercise everyday but my body telling me I couldn't. I had to learn to pace. Even if it was just one rep it was something; and something in this case is better than nothing.

There's more to this story of course, perhaps another day. I wanted to share the things that help me in the hopes they may inspire or help you. All the parts of us are intimately interconnected, our mind, body and soul. It is this working together that makes us whole. I had to understand my body and it's needs, including my mind and heart.  We go at our own pace. I can't go as fast as my mind wants and I have to balance that with the days that I need my willpower to see me through.

Every one of us has our own story, and a reason why we need to pause.

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