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Self Care Sunday

Life is just so busy these days! If your schedule is anything like mine, there's a never ending to-do list, full time job, social events, seminars/classes and then throw in chores. Oh, there's also planning for the next holidays.

Slow down, take some time for yourself to relax, reflect and recharge before the week kicks off.

Here's some of the things I intentionally take the time to do on Sundays. Of course, these can be done anytime, not just Sundays.

  • Get out. Anywhere. Beach, bush, round the block, along the river, whatever I feel like on the day! Sometimes, it's as little as 10 minutes walking around the block, breathing mindfully as I take in the surroundings like weeds growing in between the footpath, the different flowers in everyone's gardens...

  • Cuppa on the couch. I love my velvet green couch. It's my relaxing space to enjoy a cup of herbal tea and flick through a magazine or two.

  • Hangs with the faves. When we finally find a time that everyones available, we normally go for brunch or a walk along the river. It's always the best laughs.

  • Crafternoons. This can be anything. Drawing, painting, making jewellery, finishing project no. 293, or starting project no. 458. Hahaha.

  • Stretch, meditate or yoga. There are so many great apps out there that you can use. I have a go to yoga vid for neck and back. It's the best and I always feel sooo much better afterwards.

  • Gardening with the doggos. I think they find it as tiring as I do. The great thing about gardening is, we all get the best night sleep.

  • Soak. With the colder weather settling in, it's the opportune time for a Sunday candlelit baths with a hydrating mask. Ahh, feel the serenity...

  • Pedi. Netflix and a coat of nail strengthener. You could of course do a mini mani and pedi.

I'd love to hear your ideas on relaxing and recharge.

Shell xx

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