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Updated: Sep 10, 2020

For those of you who are time poor like me and would still love to fit in some self care - this page is just for you!

I am all about building micro habits - is that even a thing? I guess it is now. These are quick, achievable activities that you can incorporate into your day to build a solid daily self care foundation. It takes time. You can do it and you'll feel so much better for it too.

Morning yoga with my Olaf


Ah mornings. I am not a morning person which is why I absolutely love this 5 Minute Morning Yoga by Adriene. It's gentle. It's awakening, and it sets me up for my day. Give it a go. It's only 5 minutes! How good is that?!

Last month I decided to attempt a slightly longer morning yoga practice and I have been loving this 11 Minute Morning Yoga by Adriene. It is so good! This is now my go-to morning yoga. If I have a few minutes to spare, I also sneak in a quick 3 Minute Body Scan by Calm. Like going to the gym, it's a battle to make time for yoga ad meditation but afterwards, I always feel so incredibly refreshed, calm and restored. I imagine it's similar to turning your phone or computer off and on again.

...almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.

Fun fact: Did you know that controlled deep breathing relieves stress and anxiety due to its physiological effect on the nervous system? That's why as children we were often told to take three deep breaths before a nerve wrecking event like a musical performance or athletics day or a presentation/public speaking. And it worked!


So, evenings, my favourite part of the day. When I'm on the laptop working away on who knows what, I love having 'Healing Piano' by Calm playing in the background. It sets the vibe to unwind for the evening and get ready for bed.

The cutest doggos in the world

I end the night with a short night time routine. This 7 Minute Bedtime Yoga practice is easy, gentle and perfect for winding down. Like the morning yoga, last month I decided to attempt a slightly longer bedtime yoga practice and I find I'm ready for bed after this 10 Minute Wind Down Yoga.

Enjoy! Let me know how you go!

Shell x

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